In Memory of Buxus

Fourteen years ago members of the estate’s horticulture staff rescued and adopted two kittens that were subsequently named Heidi and Buxus. Heidi has always remained shy and reclusive but Buxus grew (and grew) into a very sociable cat, so much so that he became our garden mascot of sorts upon opening to the public in 2004.

Over the years Buxus gained a very loyal following of admirers, so it is with sadness that we report his loss.  In May of this year, Buxus disappeared and has not been seen since. He was not given to wandering very far from the garden and was not ill when he went missing, so the fact that he has not returned by now gives us reason to doubt that he ever will. We continue to miss our big old friend terribly and know that many regular visitors will as well. Here’s to you, Fat Cat! You’ll always have a special place in our hearts!