Experience a living legacy.

The Callaway family home, located in LaGrange, Georgia, graces the crest of a gently rolling hill and is one of the finest historic homes in America today.



A Magnificent Home and Garden

Completed in 1916, the 13,000 square foot home was designed to flow gracefully into its gardens—a series of dwarf boxwood parterres planted by Sarah Ferrell, which have adorned the terraces of the hill for more than 180 years and is considered one of the best preserved 19th century gardens in the country. The classic lines of the home, designed by renowned architects Neel Reid and Hal Hentz, have now silently watched over the beloved gardens for a century.

Guests are invited to visit, enjoy the grounds and learn more about the family legacy of stewardship. The estate—preserved by the fourth generation of the Fuller E. Callaway family—is open to the public for the education and enjoyment of the community.

As you stroll the well-trodden paths, descend the terraces, sit in the seclusion of the rose bowers, or pause to gaze up at the magnificent home, you are always in the presence of Sarah Ferrell and the Callaway women, three remarkable women who made Hills & Dales a home and its gardens a national treasure.


Tours of the Estate

Hills & Dales Estate offers a guided house tour and self-guided tours of the gardens.