Hills & Dales Estate

Physical address:
1916 Hills and Dales Drive
LaGrange, GA 30240

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 790
LaGrange, GA 30241

For general inquiries, contact [email protected].

Please see our Photography page or email [email protected] for information on our commercial, professional, and amateur photography policies.

For media inquiries and staff interviews, contact [email protected].

Visitor Center: 706-882-3242
Garden Staff: 706-845-9994


Hills & Dales Staff

Carleton Wood

Carleton B. Wood

Executive Director

[email protected]

706-882-3242 (Ext. 206)

Jo Phillips

Jo Phillips

Horticulture Manager

[email protected]


Carrie Mills

Visitor Center Manager

[email protected]

706-882-3242 (Ext. 202)

Suellen Dolan

Suellen Dolan

Tour Manager / Lead Interpreter

[email protected]

706-882-3242 (Ext. 205)

Christy Gresley

Communications Manager

[email protected]

706-882-3242 (Ext. 203)

Haley Merciers

Assistant Tour and Programs Coordinator

[email protected]

706-882-3242 (Ext. 204)

Hills & Dales Estate is a historic property of Fuller E. Callaway Foundation.