Sweet, Sunny, Summer Days

Warm, verdant summer is here with long days and abundant sunshine. The myriads of plants, shrubs, and trees at Hills & Dales Estate cannot help but bloom and grow! Classic aromas of magnolia and gardenia waft through the air, making benches and seats in shady spots even more welcoming. Guided tours of the Callaways’ lovely historic home are conducted in cooled air and with genuine hospitality. The mood is relaxed, languid, and very southern, but it won’t last forever. Visit us soon and experience a day of the season’s easy living.

Plan Your Visit

The Callaway family home was designed to be in harmony with the gardens. Each garden, carefully planned and tended, offers beauty year-round.

National Lemonade Day

In honor of National Lemonade Day, join us for a complimentary stroll of the gardens and a fresh squeezed glass of lemonade on the pool terrace. Free garden access is available all day, with lemonade being served from 11am to 1pm while supplies last.

Mommy & Me Flower Crowns Workshop

Alice Callaway spoke fondly of making floral crowns with her grandchildren out of common flowers from her garden. Even though its origins are ancient, making halo wreaths of flowers is as popular today as ever. Come with a child and learn this charming yet uncomplicated craft from floral designer Mallory Jeter DeNuzzia so you can […]

Inside Hills & Dales


The property has been lovingly preserved by four generations of the Callaway family and is now open for public visitation.


We invite you to enjoy the beauty of the home and the tranquility of the gardens that have been continuously cultivated for over 180 years.


Hills & Dales Estate has a unique history that spans over 180 years. It is now one of the most widely acclaimed gardens in the US.


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