Enjoy the beauty of Hills & Dales Estate


Enjoy the beauty of Hills & Dales Estate, the historic home of the Fuller E. Callaway Family in LaGrange, Georgia. Tour the Neel Reid designed home, stroll through the historic Ferrell Gardens, and experience the serenity of this 35-acre estate.









A Grand and Gracious Home

The Callaway family home was designed to be in harmony with the gardens. The house, with its white stucco exterior, stone trim and red tile roof, has a distinctive Italian feeling, but with classical southern graces, a style architect Neel Reid christened “Georgian Italian.”

Container Gardening: Window box workshop

Join the Hills & Dales horticultural staff as they provide guidance for designing, creating and caring for your window box container.

Tenth Annual Picnic in the Garden

This year activities include an old-fashioned cake walk, flower potting, face painting, pony rides and a hula hoop competition. Additionally, picnickers will enjoy live music from local artists, and prizes will be awarded to those with the best picnic spreads.

Inside Hills & Dales


The property has been lovingly preserved by four generations of the Callaway family and is now open for public visitation.


We invite you to enjoy the beauty of the home and the tranquility of the gardens that have been continuously cultivated for over 175 years.


Hills & Dales Estate has a unique history that spans over 175 years. It is now one of the most widely acclaimed gardens in the US.


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