Discover the Beauty of Hills & Dales Estate

Enjoy the beauty of Hills & Dales Estate, the historic home of the Fuller E. Callaway Family in LaGrange, Georgia. Tour the Neel Reid designed home, stroll through the historic Ferrell Gardens, and experience the serenity of this 35-acre estate.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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ANNUAL LECTURE: The Topiary Garden of Pearl Fryar

​Our 10th annual lecture features a man who is passionate about education and the potential in each plant and each child he encounters.  Join us October 2nd and hear Pearl Fryar speak about his passion for plants and youth.


​Our first workshop of the Fall features apiarist Doug Roberts as he presents an illustrated talk about honey bees including: the hive, types of bees, honey production, the bee lifecycle, pollination and threats to survival.


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