Welcome Back!

What was missing in the garden? Hint: It’s in the Church Garden. Another clue: Previously, a gazing ball was in this location. You still don’t know? It’s round, painted black and points north. Give up? Frequent visitors to the garden may have noticed the absence of the armillary sphere. An armillary sphere is one of the most ancient astronomical instruments. It is a basic skeleton of the celestial body. Due to time and the elements, the concrete base that held our sphere had become structurally unsound and released its hold. We gathered the broken pieces of concrete and the bent sphere and added yet another project to the home and garden renovation. With the helpful hands of a locally born artisan, David Crook, a replica concrete base was cast. After some straightening, paint removal and a fresh coat of black paint, the rejuvenated sphere was returned to its prominent position in the Church Garden. We welcome back our armillary sphere and hope that it will hold strong and true for everyone to admire for years to come.