The Wit and Wisdom of Fuller E. Callaway Senior

LaGrange is a unique and beautiful town, often referred to as “America’s Greatest Little City.” In a monumental way, Fuller Callaway Sr. contributed to the footprint that is now LaGrange! His knack for innovative entrepreneurship, his aptitude for generosity, and his gift of inspiring vision set the stage in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s for the productive years to follow. He worked with merchants, townspeople, government officials and industrial workers in a positive and pro-active adventure which ultimately led to progress for all. Today, the citizens of Troup county and the state of Georgia benefit from the values, philosophy and ideas of Fuller Callaway. In Mr. Callaway’s own words, spoken in 1920,

“Eternal vigilance is worth more than brilliancy to business. Why ninety percent of the failures lack just a little of being geniuses!” In addition, he said, “The man who succeeds almost always spends less than he makes!”

Come. Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about this intriguing gentleman in a casual and interactive presentation with time for questions and answers. Information about this workshop can be found on page 12.