Meet the Staff

Many people ask about the Hills & Dales Estate staff so we have decided to highlight one of our staff members in each newsletter. In this edition we want to introduce Joanna Baxter who is a part-time tour guide at the estate. Joanna has worked at the estate for the last three years.

According to Joanna: “ I enjoy meeting the different guests and giving them tours of the home. To me it’s kinda like storytelling. I love having the opportunity to tell people about the house in different ways, focusing on either architecture, family stories or decorative furnishings. I like to adjust my tour depending on the interest of the guests.”

Interestingly, Joanna received her first tour of the Callaway home from Mrs. Alice Callaway back in 1983, when she moved to LaGrange with her husband Rev. Paul R. Baxter. Joanna recalls Mrs. Callaway serving them pound cake and tea during their visit. Joanna is particularly proud of her two daughters and most recently her new granddaughter. The next time you visit make sure you say hello to Joanna.