Alice Blue Gown

In 1919, a Broadway musical called Irene produced the song, Alice Blue Gown, which was an instant hit. The following year eight-year-old Alice Hand met her future husband, Fuller Callaway Jr., as she attended her sister’s wedding reception at Hills and Dales–wearing a blue dress perhaps? Some years later Kate Smith recorded the song which continued its popularity. Interestingly, the sheet music for Alice Blue Gown can be found among the selections Alice Hand Callaway played on her piano. Did Alice always have a fondness, even a preference, for this color? Add a little green to the mix and evidence abounds that it was her color of choice.

Walking through the Callaway home, shades of blue abound: Robin’s egg blue, turquoise, teal blue and pale green which blends beautifully with blue. In 1948, Alice made some changes to the décor of the house she had occupied for 12 years and her love of blue came through. In the library she had the book shelves painted teal blue and incorporated turquoise trim on the window drapes. The music room walls were painted celadon green and were complemented by matching furniture, curtains and a custom-made rug. The walls of the dining room were covered with a pale green silk , the same silk as the curtains. The chairs were re-upholstered with robin’s egg blue leather which blended nicely with the blue highlights in the coffered ceiling. Nearby, blue porcelain tureens and three beautifully displayed sets of china with a touch of blue in each provide the perfect finishing touches. And on it goes throughout the home.

In 1980, new hand painted marbleized wall paper was added to the front entrance hall. Yes! It’s blue and golden brown. And now those same colors are very “trendy” again. Who knows,  we just might hear a remake of Alice Blue Gown any day as we tune in to our radio!