Grove & Baptismal Pool


Before you reach the front gate you will see a grove of large tulip poplars. This grove was planted during Ida’s years. During September, a highlight within the grove is the large mass of red spider lilies. Along the walking path between the grove and the Visitor Center, visitors can see the Baptismal Pool. We believe Fuller Sr. and Ida added the Baptismal Pool.


Horticultural Specimens


  • Spider lilies (Lycoris radiata) This variety is a southern heirloom triploid. It has many common names, including “red spider lily,” “hurricane lily,” “naked lady,” “schoolhouse” lily, and “surprise” lily.
  • Ginger lilies
  • Paperbush (Edgeworthia chrysantha) This plant is named after Irish botanist Michael Pakenham Edgeworth and his half-sister Maria. Chrysantha refers to its golden yellow flowers. The common name, Paperbush, comes from its use to produce quality paper. In Japan, the paper is used to make banknotes. Edgeworthia is a shrub native to China and the Himalayas that provides superb fall and winter interest and a gardenia-like fragrance.

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